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More about LiteCleaners and your Carpets.

liteCleaners is a professional carpet cleaning company.

we clean your carpet until you satisfied with the cleaning service that we provide. Cleaning your carpets is necessary – old or new carpets – to prevent dust mites and for those who have allergies, soil and dirt damage the carpets very fast. When cleaning your carpets we use the deep cleaning method so that we take out all the dirt which is deep down in the carpet. At deep cleaning method we use warm water extraction no matter how dirty your carpet can be, we, at Lite cleaners, we try our level best to make then cleaner. We do not use harmful chemicals, which are harmful to children, home environment and your pets . Lite cleaners team have pride in themselves by restoring most tired looking carpets, no matter how many feet cross your carpet in a day .we use powerful chemicals to your carpets for the to look good as new. cleaning your carpet is more affordable than replacing square feet of carpets every few years.

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