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 Fourways carpet cleaners 

 As fourways carpet cleaners we take customer service very seriously. We give them quality cleaning service with our deep cleaning  method which is recommended by the manufactures, and which leaves the carpets very clean and fresh. Our technicians are well-trained, and they can handle any type of carpets fabric.

When cleaning your carpets our team will move your furniture with no extra charge. The chemicals that we use are not harmful to children and your pets after cleaning them. Our chemical can make that unique smell of pet urine which can be compelling and disturbing in your home to be more hygienic and smell fresh. Most people around the world love carpets in their homes because of the warm it provides, cleaning your carpets regularly can maintain hygiene and the quality of air that we breathe. Fourways carpet cleaners we are so confident about the quality of our service that we provide professionally. We will guarantee you good service if not satisfied we will come back and re-clean it with no extra charge. 

 Rug carpet cleaners 

 No one wants a dirty spotted carpet in their home or office, it’s a fact that most rugs are very sensitive because of its softness. As a professional cleaning service four ways we re-comment that you call a professional cleaning company who knows how to clean your carpet professionally. A rug is a daily use carpet invincible particles, dust mites and different types of  viruses that’s why it’s needs  a regularly clean without thinking twice. 

Fourways upholstery cleaners

Fourways upholstery cleaners is the best and trustworthy cleaning company you must rely on and who can give you the cleaning service that you really deserve. As a professional upholstery cleaning company we know how to handle all fabric furniture. We have experience in cleaning all the kinds of fabric of couches and chairs. We use a deep cleaning method when cleaning your upholstery which takes about 2 and half hours to get dry. Deep cleaning is most recommend, cleaning method by the manufactures and the method is very good it takes all the dirty which is deep down into the fabric the allergies, bacteria’s and dog hair.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is the best advice we can give you. Most people do tempt to clean for themselves it’s not worth it because  u might waste your time and your energy as we lite cleaners are here to assist you in every cleaning situation you are in. call us at any time  0612394630 our argent will be there to assist you.

Four ways mattress cleaners

We also clean mattress around four ways and the surrounding areas. We use the deep cleaning method when cleaning your mattress as well and take us up-to 3hours to get dry. The four ways mattress cleaners are here to make you understand that we can change the quality of the air that we breathe at night and to avoid sleepless nights. We will remove stains of your mattress, but we can not guarantee all them out. We pride ourselves on providing a professional mattress cleaning at competitive prices. Our charges vary a little according to the time it takes us to clean your mattress.

Don’t let flood damage ruin your home

Give us a call ASAP to restore your home carpet and tiles. Always remember that the sooner you call us the better results we can achieve for you don’t wait for the water to dry from its self because you might regret it Lite cleaners four ways we are available 24/7.

Flood can cause major damage to your property especially the carpet if wait long, the cause of the flood could be from anywhere sink, rain and pipe burst. Whatever the cause of the flood, the damage is extensive and will require an urgent and professional treatment to minimize the damage and get back to your daily routine. We at Lite cleaners understand the urgency and the stress can be caused by the flood and always respond in a timely manner to ease our client’s stress.


Areas that we work around fourways 

Beverly Hills, Lonehill, Craigavon, Witkoppen, Waterford, fourways garden, Bryanston , Douglasdale

We work 24 hours and 7 days a week in -case of emergence such as water flood and splits on the carpets we will come right away.

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