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The  Best  Randburg Carpet cleaning operates in and around Randburg,  We offer carpet, upholstery, mattress and full-service cleaning in your home or office.




Randburg carpets cleaning experts 

The Advantage of hiring a carpet cleaning expert company is that we will provide high quality of cleaning service. Cleaning carpet your self won’t reach your expectation, the problem is you won’t be able to clean it thoroughly it’s our job to make it happen, and it’s a guarantee. Being the Randburg carpet cleaning experts means we have experience in carpet cleaning, and we have been trained years to become cleaning professionals and will take good care of your carpet properly. Cleaning carpet  yourself is okay, but it can put your carpet at  high risk especially if you are not done properly it can lead to damage the carpet and create unnecessary stains and smell of the carpet. This is why we advise home-owners to hire a carpet cleaning experts, and it’s a good reason why we should clean your carpet, and you can see how good we are.

 We are the best Randburg carpet cleaning experts service provider which offers quality cleaning service and surrounding areas. Carpet cleaning does not just involve  cleaning, its also includes vacuum, stain removal and odour removal. Most Randburg residents have pets which means carpets have odour stains, spillages and unwanted smells in our home. You can trust our team to take very good care of all your carpet, upholstery and all your cleaning needs. At lite cleaners we make sure you’re working and living space is free from bacteria and harmful micro-organisms. As a professional cleaning company which have many years of experience in the cleaning industry will make sure that all our clients are completely happy. We also provide different kinds of cleaning including upholstery, Mattress Cleaning, maid service and other cleaning service. 

 At Lite-cleaners we are striving to give the best cleaning service by meeting all home-owners needs. By choosing our cleaning expert company, we guarantee your satisfaction that your carpets will be well cleaned to stay fresh, and you will live in a healthy home.

 Every carpet needs a good cleaning that’s why we at Lite cleaners willing to take any extra mile to give that best cleaning service you deserve. When you require high quality professional carpet and upholstery cleaning in Randburg we have the best team who can handle your carpets in any way no matter how dirty or big your carpet can be. Randburg carpet cleaning experts service we have good pricing and discounts no hidden fees. 

 Randburg Upholstery cleaning experts

Replacing your upholstery often always affect your budget all the time. If upholstery is dirty and dusty, it makes it age faster that you ever imagine, the best way to increase a lifetime of your upholstery is to clean them regularly. We will remove any  dirt with a heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaning machine when cleaning your couch the pillows and the back of the specific couch as well is included. Another important task that our team perform is to treat the worst areas of the upholstery that has body oils and food spillage, the solution will help to disinfect and clean at the same time.

They are only one way to make your couches last long. Randburg upholstery cleaning experts have a qualified trained team who can handle any fabric when it comes to cleaning. When cleaning your couches, sofas and Ottoman, we use a deep cleaning method so that we can be able to take out all the dirty in couches. Randburg upholstery cleaning experts advise our client not wait for their fabric to turning into leather with the dirty. With Randburg upholstery cleaning experts you won’t regret anything when we live your couches clean and looking new. 

Randburg Mattress cleaning experts

Randburg mattress cleaning experts, we are offering the best mattress cleaning service in the area. We have years of experience cleaning the mattress and kill germs. We use the deep cleaning method which leaves your  mattress fresh and clean. Taking time without cleaning your mattress may begin to harbour a tiny ecosystem of bacteria, germs and dust mites. These allergens can trigger respiratory illnesses such as allergies and asthma. 

Lite cleaners are  mattress cleaning experts designed to restore your mattress to its original freshness  and a good night’s sleep. Dead skin cells and perspiration can quickly build up in the fibres of your mattress and staining thou some stains are removable and some are permanent stains. 

 Water restoration 

  Speed is crucial when dealing with water damage call us now 0612394630 if you have water problem. We understand that time is money that’s why we respond immediately to your emergency like these and relieve you from stress. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time, when your carpets are flooded don’t panic too much just give lite cleaners a call at any time, we work 24/7 in case the is any emergency anything can happen at any time. 

We do effective restoration on your carpets after water damage like storm, leaks, pipes bursts and any occasions that they are flood in Randburg. Our goal as the experts of cleaning is to restore your home back to its original state without the need of costly demolition and repairs, so call us now and make your booking.    

Why choose Randburg experts cleaners ?

We provide higher quality service at a reasonable cost with no hidden fees.

 Time is money. Carpet cleaning is a strenuous exercise, it demands time. Hiring Lite cleaners saves you time and the hassle of getting dirty (trying to remove stains and greases) while you could be doing something more constructive with your precious time

Very reliable 

 We take all the time needed, to clean every square inch thoroughly.

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