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Our Specialties

We do all forms of commercial cleaning from offices, shopping centres, hospitals, factories, schools restaurants and Hotels. Plus we cover a wide range of domestic cleaning services from carpet cleaning, mattresses, daily or weekly cleaning and even do a full spring cleaning if you are moving in or out of a new home.

Home/Domestic Cleaning

Here we can do things like carpets vacuuming or carpets cleaning and or do daily and monthly contracts.One of the reasons why Lite cleaners  is widely accepted and adored by homeowners across Gauteng lies in our ability in providing  professionalism and transparency as a company which pride its self , while maintaining a good reputation level of friendliness and taking  our cleaning service on another level. We are a close-knit family at Lite cleaners and , we are striving to make homeowners feel comfortable by treating customers as if they were like one of our own. Our cleaning staff is respectful, cooperative and compassionate with professional cleaning skills.

Commercial Cleaning

This covers cleaning offices factories, hotels, shops and similar places that need to be kept clean. Lite cleaners has built a reputation over the years for being one of the best office and commercial cleaners in Gauteng . Lite cleaners is a locally owned and operated for many years , and we use fully trained technicians for all of our cleaning  services. Our team is committed to achieving outstanding results and ensuring that our customers receive the highest cleaning level possible at all times.

Industrial Cleaning

Hospitals, factories and similar places often need a different level of cleaning. Ask us to do yours.Lite cleaners understand the challenges of all our clients faces when  cleaning equipment and plant facilities,that is why lite cleaners is committed to provide all our clients with cost effective and innovative solutions, no matter how large or small your industry can be .
Lite cleaners respect for the saving of water that we work with and the environment around us, Lite cleaners we are able to deliver a safe solution maintaining the life and integrity of the plants whilst minimising time and enhancing productivity .

Custom Cleaning Contracts

lite Cleaners offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services and office cleaning throughout Johannesburg area.

Our expert professional cleaners will provide your business with an excellent cleaning service.

Our services including house cleaning, office and all sectors like schools, hospitals and care homes to hotels and restaurant chains and more. We see how essential the picture of your business premises are, and how clean premises will breed customer trust in your business.

lite cleaners – we are striving to be the best cleaning service provider to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to enhance our client’s workplace.

lite cleaners provide cleaning service on contractual or once off basis and offer cleaning service for school, building and shopping centres. it’s important to maintain everything by cleaning and refreshing them on regular basis.

At lite cleaning, we help you maintain carpets and upholstery and more.

lite cleaners help you reduce the build-up of germs and bacteria. As lite cleaners we take pride in our work, it helps us discuss possible treatments and the troublesome areas – once you are happy with the discussion our team will start work and clean your carpets and upholstery.


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