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All about liteCleaners and upholstery cleaning…

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More about LiteCleaners and clean upholstery.

lite cleaners clean different types of fabric including fibres, linen, wool, silk and other.

We clean all fabric couches no matter what their shape looks like and even 1,2,3 seats.Its any embarrassment when the fabric around u becomes dirty and dingy, your couches are in good hand when lite cleaners are doing their job because the team are well trained.


They are only one way to make your couches and sofa last longer and always cleaner is to clean them regularly after about three to four month.

Lite cleaners can increase the life of your couches and chairs.

The method we use to clean your couches and chair is a deep cleaning method and we use warm water extraction and our powerful chemical, which removes all dirt and particles that have been building up over the month to years.

Our job is to bring it back to the original colour even if its faded away.

Couch and chairs are most likely to reserve dust, allergens and dirt particles that’s where lite cleaners come in to leave your home healthier indoor living environment.

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