Germiston Lite cleaners professional cleaning company have years of experience doing the cleaning job . We offer carpet cleaning , upholstery cleaning ,mattress , house cleaning and domestic service . When cleaning carpets and and other fabric we use the deep cleaning method that sprays water with detergent and immediately removes it by suction, creating a swirl of water. This ensures high cleaning performance, extracting the dirt from the carpet to a depth of half an inch. By immediately reabsorbing the wash water, the drying time is greatly shortened. This method is suitable for intermediate and basic cleaning.  Vacuum washing has long been in use everywhere around the world , mostly in larger companies, schools, and residential. The system works on all carpet, upholstered furniture and mattress . Lite cleaners we work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in – case of emergency , after the the job done with Lite cleaners you wont regret anything but to live a smile on your customers faces  .

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